(Mobile.NET has been DEPRECATED)

 Mobile.NET replaces the previous Mobile Salesman product with a browser-based platform·that can operate even if there is no data connection in the shops or on the road. It provides multiple benefits to the distributor including:        

  • Sales Orders directly, electronically submitted to the store from the field. No phone calls, faxes, further entry, or miscommunication.
  • Orders automatically created in the system at the store. No re-keying by technicians resulting in more accurate ordering.
  • Customer Count Sheet functionality for shop inventory and order creation based on on-hand quantity and set stock levels.
  • 100% barcode capable and always current (as of last internet connection) for pricing, availability, and order status.
  • If no data connection, Mobile.NET remains fully functional and syncs with the online database as soon as connectivity becomes available. 


Mobile Orders:

  • Generate an order for any active customer.
  • Have orders filled from any location.
  • Submit orders online without tying up a phone line and 2 employees.
  • Orders can be sent from any Internet connection.
  • Find out how much Mobile Orders can save you! Mobile Order Calculator

Mobile Count Sheets:

  • Organize your customer's inventory by bin.
  • Create order points that easily allow you to know when your customer's on-hands are short.
  • Perform a spot check of your customer's inventory.
    • Send just the count sheet.
    • Or create a work order.
    • Or create a CollisionLinx.Net order.
  • Count sheets and orders can be sent from any Internet connection.


ComCept Mobile.NET is free to download and install. We can perform the install if you desire, normal support rates will apply. ComCept Mobile.Net is billed by number of devices and transactions, for exact usage rates please contact sales. Be sure to consult system requirements and/or talk to ComCept support before purchasing mobile devices for use with our software.

Mobile.Net Hardware Requirements

For a fully-functional, offline capable experience:

Operating System
Windows 10
Windows 7
Windows 8.1
Intel Core i7 6th or 7th Generation
Intel Core i5 6th or 7th Generation
RAM: 8 GB, 12 GB recommended
Drive Storage
Drive: 128 GB SSD
* Solid State Drive required
Internet Explorer 11 ; EDGE
FireFox 25 or newer
Google Chrome 34 or newer


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